YANI – White Witch of the Woods

I’m very excited to release these images from a recent test. Model is the DIVINE Yani @ Vivens. This girl is going places. Her facial features are out of this world and she is wise beyond her years… Oh – and she knows how to pose too!


Photography: Andrea Jankovic
Model: Yani (Busy Models/ Viviens)
Makeup: Erin Bigg
Styling: Ashleigh Kelly
Assistant: Amy L’Estrange
Garments: SOOT
Jewellery: ELIXIR


The shoot took place on a private property at Lake Kurwongbah. The setting was picturesque and serene… apart from the snake that slithered across the path in front of us, stopping our entire team dead in it’s tracks and yes, all five of us screamed for dear life – quite the sight to see!


Yani’s “White Witch” look was created using a matte liquid foundation from Latona’s applied with the Rae Morris Radiance Brush, set with a translucent powder. I sponged MAC airbrush paint in white across Yani’s eyes, blending it back to the hairline and around the socket area. Lips were stained using a crème lip and cheek stain. No mascara or eyeliner were used – a trend I am quite liking at the moment.

A special mention must go to the beautiful flower instalments used in this shoot, created by Andrea. It appears that Yani is levitating the flowers in some of the images…. Or was she? ;)

Enjoy this creative feast for the eyes, until next time!

E xxx