Question: What foundation do you use in your makeup kit?

I always get asked what foundation I use and my answer is always the same: Many! Here I have listed 5 of the foundations I like to work with, though there are many more! These can all be found online from the affiliated brand/company…

Left to Right

- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk (Shown in shade #4)

I use this foundation in many beauty shoots. It is lightweight, silky and has a beautiful dewy-look. Quite a sheer, but buildable coverage.

- Chanel Vitalumiere Satin Smoothing Fluid (Show in shade #40)

Again I use this in beauty shoots. It has a heavier coverage than the GA Luminous Silk and provides an even more luminous look. This is also a beautiful foundation on mature skins due to it’s moisturising properties – a winner for Mother of the Bride’s! Contains sunscreen: SPF 15.

- MAC Face and Body Foundation (Shown in shade C6)

I mainly use this foundation on the body, though it can be used on the face. It is a beautiful body foundation and works well to cover bruises and enhance a tan when used all over. It’s waterproof so it’s great for beach shoots.

- Chanel Pro Lumiere Professional finish makeup (Shown in shade #10)

This has now been discontinued by Chanel. Sad face. I use this on myself and I love the dewy, medium coverage. It is really similar to the Vitalumiere – perhaps why it has been replaced with ‘Perfection Lumiere’. While I haven’t tried its replacement myself, my sister recently purchased it and it appears to have a slightly more matte finish which is often favorable with younger skins. It’s next on my list to try!

- Latonas Matte Liquid Foundation (Shown in shade Almond)

Brisbane based company Latona’s have it right with this formula. A beautiful matte foundation which can be mixed with distilled water to go through an airbrush gun. I use this foundation on most of my brides and for many of the glamour/swimsuit shoots that I do.

Just a few of the foundations I use and stock in my makeup kit. I think it is really important to have a range for different skin types and desired finishes. A trick if you can’t afford to stock the full range of foundations of your choice: Buy the darkest and lightest colour (keeping in mind some foundations may be more pink or yellow based than others so you may have to buy one in-between) and custom mix for each client.

I hope as an artist or for personal use you find this helpful. Feedback and questions are always welcome, so feel free to leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as possible.

E xxx


Rae Morris Radiance Brush Review

Back in August this year I had the opportunity to attend an advanced workshop at Rae Morris’ Sydney studio, conducted by the incredible author and makeup artist herself. It was here I got to touch and use her new line of makeup brushes first hand, before they were released.

With Rae at her Sydney Studio for the Advanced Makeup Workshop in August

Now they have been released and are available for purchase I felt compelled to tell you all about my favourite brush from the range. #27 The Radiance Brush. Whether as a professional makeup artist or as a tool for your personal makeup bag, this handmade brush is worth its weight in gold! I use it on myself every day to apply my foundation which gives an incredibly smooth ‘airbrushed’ look in minutes! I often get asked if I have airbrushed my foundation on.

As a makeup artist the most important item in my kit are my brushes and I now prefer to use this brush on my clients over an actual airbrush gun itself as it creates the same beautiful, flawless finish in half the time. This allows me to concentrate on creating a work of art on my clients face instead of devoting majority of my time on creating the perfect base. The beauty is that it can be used with product from mineral powders to liquid foundations and the bristles are extremely soft.

This brush too can be yours for approximately $85.00 direct from Rae’s Website Some would consider this a little costly, but let me assure you, it will pay for itself over and over with the time saved in application and the flawless finish achieved. Oh, and the brush handles are made from recycled bamboo and are PETA approved! What more could a girl want in a makeup brush?!

E xx

Radiance Brush #27 available from Rae's website